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The Inspiration Behind It All: Learn More About G Patel

Published on Aug 16, 2013 under News

GPatel_InspirationArticleInspiration from Around the World

Eschelon President, “G” Patel, finds inspiration for business and life from his travels around the world. He believes that understanding different cultures is a very powerful influence on how people interact with other human beings.

“Growing up in a third-world country, you learn to appreciate everything you have. Seeing how different people live and survive different ways of life develops you as a human being,” he explains.

G believes that traveling creates innovation in thought, depth in life, and an appreciation for that which is truly important. In his mind, the most important thing is time- what you choose to do and how you do it. Over his career, he’s learned the value of taking time for oneself and forgetting about trivial details.

The places that have been most memorable and influential for G are India, Turkey, and Haiti. G grew up in India, so that has greatly shaped who he is. Seeing the extreme spectrums of how people live, “from a four person family living in a twenty story building to a twenty person family living in two huts”, has given him perspective and appreciation of how different people live and survive.

Turkey is one place that G would love to return to because of the extreme kindness of the people.GPatel_InspirationArticle2

“My wife and I made so many friends there, even though we only spoke English. Everyone was so open and inviting and wonderful. It was an incredible experience,” he recalls.

A very different, but also exciting experience, was his trip to Haiti. Even coming from a third-world country, the way of living there shocked him, “I love Haiti, but it was also so eye-opening. The feeling you get when you hit rock bottom, you don’t really know what rock bottom is until you experience something like that.” The trip inspired him to become involved in Hope For Haiti Foundation, both personally and with Eschelon.

The inspiration and concept of Zinda New Asian was based upon G’s appreciation of life and culture acquired from traveling. On one of G’s trips to India, he was talking with his wife Julie, reflecting upon how fortunate he is to be able to do what he does and live the way he does, when the name “zinda” came to mind. “Zinda”, meaning “alive” in Hindi, was chosen to embody his appreciation of life across all cultures.

G’s most recent trip to Colombia reminded him of the importance of personal pride and care, a value on which Eschelon was founded.

“The people of Colombia have a great human beauty. They take such pride in how they present themselves and everything they do,” he states. With Eschelon, G stresses that every decision and action be taken with pride and great care in order to set a high standard for the company.

Travel has been influential in shaping G’s outlook on life and core values. He greatly appreciates the perspective on life it has given him.

“Seeing different things has defined me. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t traveled.”

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that
goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”
– Miriam Beard

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